Ali Akdurak

Computer Engineer, software architect and team builder.

About me

My career
Early Life

Started programming at a very early age!

I have started programming around the beginning of middle school. I was copying QBASIC code from my fathers books into the compiler. I can say that I have spent all of my youth behind a computer screen.

Earned my first income from programming while attending high school.

I developed a human resources management software when I was attending senior year of high school. This project allowed me to earn my first income as a software professional. Although when I look back and check my work back then it seems far away from professional. Back then I was using Visual Basic 6 and learning OOP with Visual Basic .Net.

Under graduate

Worked and studied at the same time.

Reha Elektronik - RFID

2005 - 2008

At second year of university,I started working for REHA Electronics in Istanbul. I developed a car entrance control and automation system which used UHF RFID tags for car recognition. It was a one-man development effort until the project was completed and frist two installations were made by myself. This business is continued by the firm at Visual Basic .NET and MySQL was primary technology used with Alien RFID readers. My serial communication library, which I still use and develop today was create at that time for hardware integration with RFID reader and relay control cards over RS-232 and RS-485 respectively.

Certified on RFID by Alien RFID Academy.

August 2006

I attended a private training course in Reading, England which was organized by Alien RFID. As a result Alien RFID academy has presented me a certificate about my participation.

Founded robotics society of IEU

I have founded robotics society of Izmir University Of Economics and acted as president for two semesters. We have developed a hexapod robot with emphasis on overcoming obstacles. It was mainly developed using BasicAtom microprocessors, standart servos and sensors. I also given organized lectures on practical oscilloscope usage, servo motor control and stepper motor principals.

Developed and demonstrated a distributed denial of service attack(DDOS)

For cryptology and security course, I created a distributed denial of service attack system with a colleague. Also studied and made several AES-256 implementations in C# and C++ just for fun.

Got second place with graduation project.

Our project was based on ESHOT's(İzmir municipality public transportation agency) big data warehouse and used neural networks to create an experience based bus stop crowdedness estimation system. Our main point was to show the difference between a statistic approach and an experience based approach different results.

Graduated 2009
IDEX 2013

AES3D - Laser Shooting Simulator

I acted as the team leader for R&D effort on AES3D shooting training simulator. I have build a team of 5 engineers and project took about 1 year. I have actively developed a realistic, certified ballistics simulation and designed architecture of AES3D in 6 reusable components on 3 layer architecture. This architecture allowed us to license our laser detection server to an Egyptian R&D firm in same field generating additional income for our company. Our team also integrated Ogre3D graphics engine and developed 360 degree multi-screen support for immersive shooting experience. Our system is now one of the few shooting simualtors in the world that allows 120-180-360 degree shooting. I personally worked and developed most of the laser detection image processing and half of the auto calibration system. Since the completion of the system's version 1 we made 5 installations to various Turkish Military Forces Training Facilities and Police Training Academies around Turkey. I also installed systems to Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan, made presentations at Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. I attended as an exhibitor and simulation technologies representative to IDEF2011 in Istanbul and IDEX2013 in Abu Dhabi.

Started my master studies

In 2009 I was accepted to Istanbul Technical University - Interdisciplinary defence technologies program. I continued to study at this program for 1.5 years, unfortunately my work being in Izmir,my promotion to being a team leader and several new projects made it impossible for me to continue studying at ITU. I departed from ITU with 3.75 GPA and continued my studies at International computer institute in Izmir. As of 2013 I have started my master thesis on distributed 3d rendering of a real time scene.


ServiceNet - A system for service networks

For our companies sister company SAFKAR, I was requested to design and develop a system to increase connection with it's 336 service all across Turkey and world. I based this system's main concept on RaspberryPi and Android devices then created a service procedure manager and enforcer for both of these devices. I used onion architecture approach to minimize special code need for platforms, completely severing UI ad infrastructure form domain model. A main requirement of this project was to enforce service personel to use correct procedure everytime they perform service. Every service shop was planned to have a RaspberryPi thinclient or Android tablet to get barcode of parts by a webcam, read temperature, pressure and vacuum information so that it can guide service personal for a fix. All information was also send to HQ of Safkar for R&D team to see on an in-house J2EE web application. Unfortunately this project was stopped at beta stage for economical reasons. At the time of closure both RPi and Android clients were under field tests and we were working on central service application.


CN235 - Simulator instruments calibration software

Teksav has built CN235 simulator cockpit instruments for Havelsan. I took part in development of instruments embedded software and protocol compliance. Later on I was assigned to develop a calibration and service software for these instruments.


Hobby Project - RepRap 3D Printer

In August 2012 I decided to build an FDM 3D Printer as an hobby. As a result of this endeavour, I have accumulated extensive knowledge about CAM/CAD(FreeCAD-Netfabbasic), OpenSCAD programming, slicing, printer control and firmware processes. Since 2012 I have built several printers for customers and I did some light consulting work for 2 companies. My printer is heavily used for our prototyping needs in Teksav. You can reach my 3DHub's page from here.


GKON3G - Remote Control System

With our firms electronics expertise in field our team have innovated for a remote control, security and telemetry system with many distinct features. Our goal was to create a system that can read a base station's health status from antenna connection strength to communicating with electric-meter of station. Our team developed a fully distributed application which uses ActiveMQ redundantly for messaging backbone and works on Glassfish 4 - J2EE server which allows us to scale and cluster our system virtually to any size. I worked on the architecture and development of this project, for a year before we take our field tests with a leading GSM operator in Turkey. Our sensor reading system was able read all standard alarm equipments, talk with both RS232 and RS485 appliances and had ability to use modbus protocol. Word 3G in the name comes from the fact that our system has high connectivity which allows it to communicate via 3G, SMS, Landlines and internet with ability to fallback alternative delivery methods whenever an infrastructure problem occurs.



High School Education

Izmir Turkish College - Science And Math Program


Graduated from prestigious Izmir Turkish College.

Computer Engineer

Faculty of computer sciences


I received my bachelors degree from IEU. Program I have studied included advanced lessons in embedded programming, software quality, engineering economics and graphics programming aside from internationally(EUA, BOLOGNA, ECTS and several other certifications) accepted curriculum. My whole university education was in full english including course material, assignments, course books, in course conversation and presentations. Also took mandatory 3rd language courses on spanish for 4 years. I also founded the Robotics society of IEU and acted as president of Fantasy Role Playing Society for more than 7 semesters.

Interdisciplinary Defence And Aerospace Master Program

ITU Graduate School of Science Engineering and Technology


I have applied for master studies at ITU on defence and aerospace interdisciplinary program to further enhance my skills on simulation. I was at the time very interested in subjects of exterior ballistics simulation and radar imagery studies. Unfortunately after 3 semesters working in İzmir and studying in İstanbul I have decided that this situation undermines my performance in both ways. I retook ALES(Graduate and Academics General Examination) to apply at EGE university for their master program. At the time I left ITU I had a GPA of 3.75/4.00 with 4 courses completed.

International Computer Sciences Master Program

EGE University International Computer Institute


I have completed 8 courses with 3.50/4.00 GPA at UBE(ICI) and by the 2014 started to work on my graduation thesis.

My Skills

C# | Object Oriented Design & ProgrammingExpert - 5 Years
Software Architecture - Component & Library Design | System DesignExperienced - 3 Years
Java | Object Oriented Design & ProgrammingExperienced - 2 Years
Ogre3D - Unity | Simulation and Game DevelopmentProfessional - 2 Years
Raspberry Pi - Low Power Device | Application DevelopmentProfessional - 1 Year
PIC(PIC16F series) - Arduino | Embedded ProgrammingWorked On - 6 Months
Xamarin | Android Development with C# Library Code ReuseBeginner - 3 Months

Years Of Experince

My years of development experience starts from 2007 as that is the point in time I started to work as a professional in industry.
The Knob will be full when I have 40 years of experience under my belt.

Please Read: How to read self-evaluated skills

I am a recruiter myself too, there is nothing I hate more than self evaluated skills in CVs. Here is a simple guide for you to understand what I am trying to tell.

Expert, Skill > %85: I have finished at least 3 serious projects with using aforementioned skill. I can provide hard evidence or take anykind of examination on the subject, blindfolded and hands tied.

Experienced, Skill > %75: I have finished 1 to 3 projects with using aforementioned skill. I can provide evidence of my work and you can expect me to be very skilled on the subject.

Professional, Skill > %50: I have finished at least 1 project where I was paid to do so in a professional environment. I can provide evidence of my work and you can expect me to be very informed on the subject.

Worked On, Skill > %25: I may not have finished any projects on the subject, as a hobby or professional. But I probably show a very serious interest on the subject and work on it in my spare times.

Beginner, Skill <= %25: I have started to work on this subject in a recent time or lost interest in some point of time. I probably have basic understanding on the subject.

Check out my other work related skills

  • 90/100Code Refactoring
  • 85/100Software Team Building including:Recuiting, Training, Development Process Creation And Quality Assurance
  • 80/100Code Smells Knowledge
  • 75/100Exterior Ballistics
  • 75/100SQL via MySQL and T-SQL
  • 70/100Distributed/Networked systems.
  • 70/100RepRap 3D Printer Building
  • 70/1003D Printing
  • 65/100Digital Electronics
  • 65/100Image Processing
  • 50/100RF and Electromagnetism principles
  • 50/100Biosignal analysis, specifically ECG

Check out my unrelated skills

  • 95/100Fantasy Role Playing - Game narrating, creation and design
  • 85/100Fantasy Role Playing - Being a Paladin :)
  • 75/100Baking Cakes - With %10 Chance To Poison Software Team


Contact info

I would be very happy to know you too. Please don't hesitate to contact me for any kind of professional inquire. I am also open to work as consultant, remote software developer and/or specialist on subject I have knowledge.
All information presented here could change without any notification to readers as my life hopefully continues on :)
Please ask before sharing anything from this site. Although I would be very happy for the advertisement.
Thank You!